Community Transformation

Picture from the Slums

Each week the MERCY team goes into Pattaya’s most destitute areas to bring basic food items, clothes, milk for the children, emergency medical care as needed, and hope to some of Pattaya’s poorest residents.

The team watches for children at risk, emergency situations and other special needs, and provides help as resources and volunteers are available (e.g. fixing leaky roofs, locating needed resources, etc.)

We purposely search for the poor and those in need, to help provide the basic necessities of life; food, clothing, clean water, sanitation, medication. Education and micro-finance are also provided. We are consistently building relationships to develop better understanding of the specific needs of each family and individual.

We network with other local services and ministries to access and establish care and education for children who are at risk in the streets and the slums. MERCY Pattaya takes an holistic approach to the problem at hand providing both immediate and long term solutions wherever possible

Wherever possible, people with specific needs are referred to other local organizations to help avoid duplication of services. Where no services exist, MERCY steps in to fill the gap and meet the need.

Bringing HOPE to those in need

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