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MERCY DDAS Scholarships Students

MERCY Pattaya runs a scholarship programme called Dek Dek Anakhot Sodsai (DDAS), which means ‘A Brighter Future for Children’.

Requests for scholarships come to MERCY Pattaya from Social Services from members of the community in which potential students live, from follow-up visits made by MERCY Pattaya personnel, from concerned expats and from existing or former beneficiaries.

We interview the family of potential scholarship students to ascertain its current economic status, assess the information given, check their living conditions and immediate environment.

We may uncover issues which need subsequent action, such as:

  • Does anyone in the household need medical attention?
  • Does the family get enough to eat on a regular basis?
  • Are the family Thai or foreign nationals?
  • Does the family have the correct paperwork to enable them to obtain much needed benefits?
  • Are any members of the family at risk of sexual, physical or drug abuse?
  • Can we make referrals to other NGOs or government agencies?

In addition to school fees, books and uniforms, etc., the DDAS scholarship programme offers:

  • Saturday English Language Fellowship classes taught by qualified International teachers designed to enhance the students’ language grades at school. We also teach them the  ability to think ‘outside the box’ and give them knowledge of and exposure to different cultural experiences. Each time we have craft activity and make sure they have a nutritious meal – and enjoy their time with us!
  • One day English Camp once or twice a year.
  • Trips to local places of interest, as funds allow.
  • Hosting special events in their communities.

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Dek Dek Anakhot Sodsai