Bringing Hope Changing Lives

Over the past 15 years, whilst MERCY  Pattaya has been serving the city, Pattaya  has been living in a warzone fighting poverty, inequality, malnutrition, illiteracy and apathy. We are still here and still fighting, but we need others to fight alongside us.


  •  Conduct a survey, plus prepare and maintain a report showing areas of practical needs, current community services PLUS gaps in service, with a recommended ‘prioritized action plan’.
  •  Network within the Thai and international communities to access critical resources to help meet the practical and financial needs of the various Mercy projects.
  •  Network with other welfare, social, educational organizations with similar purposes to share information, to make the best use of available resources and to avoid duplication of services.
  • Provide opportunities for Thai and international people to work together in various projects, promoting friendship, partnership, unity and facilitating access to greater resources in order to meet the practical needs of various projects.