Caring for the Family

In the case of serious accident,death or illness of someone who is living in another country like Thailand,
the bereaved family can find there is a complex process ahead of them,full of red tape ,cultural and linguistic difficulties.

Logistical & Bereavement Care.

Our multi-lingual, locally experienced staff and volunteers work through the complete processes to assist and liaise with families, hospitals,case police officers,Thai government officials and Embassy officials.

Accommodation and travel can be difficult to arrange in places where no one speaks your native language.
Mercy's local staff and volunteers assist to make these arrangements and help to navigate families through the necessary logistical procedures while in this country.

Assistance in translation and comprehension of documentation ,making the necessary arrangements for Hospital visits, Funerals,Memorials,Life celebration services repatriation patient body of a loved one.

Mercy do not charge for these services ,but do ask that expatriate families cover all cost incurred and hope
that those who are able would donate to our further work amongst the poor ,needy at risk and abused in Pattaya ,Thailand.Bringing Hope changing lives.

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