How We Help

MERCY is a small but committed Christian organization staffed mostly by missionaries and volunteers. We are making inroads into the lives of the poor in Pattaya, but we need to partner with those, like yourselves, who also want to bring the hope of a new life and a real future for those less blessed in our society.

We develop projects to help provide educational, moral, social and spiritual training for poor children and the destitute.  MERCY undertake strategic projects among the poor to help bring about community transformation in Pattaya. We find and train disciples in each slum area where MERCY is active, to carry on the work. Fulfill God’s commands to show mercy as stated in Matthew 25:35-40 and James 1:27

  •  Provide food / water for the hungry & thirsty
  •  Clothe the naked
  •  Visit and care for widows and orphans
  •  Care for the stranger
  •  Visit the sick
  •  Visit those in prison


  •  Conduct a survey, plus prepare and maintain a report showing areas of practical needs, current community services PLUS gaps in service, with a recommended ‘prioritized action plan’.
  •  Network within the Thai and international communities to access critical resources to help meet the practical and financial needs of the various Mercy projects.
  •  Network with other welfare, social, educational organizations with similar purposes to share information, to make the best use of available resources and to avoid duplication of services.
  • Provide opportunities for Thai and international people to work together in various projects, promoting friendship, partnership, unity and facilitating access to greater resources in order to meet the practical needs of various projects.

We help and assist the most vulnerable women and children who come to this city to find work and who find themselves exploited and at risk. Identifying those most at risk we network together with local groups who undertake recovery care, long term care, training and equipping. We seek to develop new career opportunities and help to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. MERCY Pattaya is pleased to be a member of “Pattaya Plan”, a group of government departments and NGO’s that work together to meet the needs of children and youth of this city.

Mercy Pattaya is an authorized charity project of Haven Foundation - Thailand Registration No. 0004/2548